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Aromantic/Platonic/queerplatonic dating checklist

And here’s a rebloggable version.

This can be used by anyone I suppose, but is made specifically for people with a queerplatonic/platonic/non-romantic partner. You could use this with friends, too! 

Kissing (forehead, cheek, etc):
Kissing (mouth):
Hand holding: 
Other affectionate touching:
Hugging in public: 
Cuddling in public: 
Kissing (forehead, cheek, etc) in public: 
Kissing (mouth) in public: 
Hand holding in public: 
Other affectionate touch in public:  
Eye gazing:
Crying on: 
Being cried on:  
Massage (giving): 
Massage (receiving): 
Hair brushing (giving): 
Hair brushing (receiving): 
Nail painting (giving): 
Nail painting (receiving): 
Shaving (giving): 
Shaving (receiving): 
Bathing together (with bathing suits): 
Bathing together (naked): 
Seeing my partner naked: 
My partner seeing me naked:
Feeding my partner: 
Being fed by my partner: 
Tickling (being tickled): 
Tickling (doing the tickling):
Terms of endearment: 
Being called “best friend”: 
Being called “partner”: 
Being called romantically-coded words (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc):
Me having other platonic partners: 
My partner having other platonic partners: 
Me having other romantic partners: 
My partner having other romantic partners:
My partner doing romantic-coded things with someone else: 
Me doing romantic-coded things with someone else: 
My partner doing sexual things with someone else: 
Me doing sexual things with someone else:  
Touching my partner sexually: 
Being touched by my partner sexually:
Having sex of any kind with my partner [specify if yes]:
Sexual kink with my partner [specify if yes]:
Non-sexual kink with my partner [specify if yes]: 
“Romantically coded” gifts (flowers, chocolates, et
Bed sharing (non-affectionate): 
Bed sharing (cuddling):
Tucking my partner in: 
Being tucked in:
Living together: 
[Platonic] marriage: 
Raising children together:
Having pets together:
Other stipulations/concerns:

I think that covers everything. If it doesn’t, please let me know and I’ll add it!

 And the categories could probably be “yes”, “yes, but ask first”, “yes, but with certain restrictions”, “no”, “maybe; ask first”. 

Mar 5th, 2013
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